• Increased productivity at a lower cost, on one simple bill, from one provider
  • Works with existing office phone systems
  • DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) ensures optimum performance
  • Available up to 4.5 Mbps bandwidth
  • Up to 48 digital phone lines
  • Business-class VoIP technology
  • Fully symmetric (both upload and download) bandwidth
  • Always On
  • No distance limitations

Integrated Access

Flex T1 Voice & Data service

Combining Internet access and voice/phone service lowers your costs and increases efficiency. T1 is the industry's most reliable business-class broadband Internet access product. Flex T1 combines the speed and reliability of T1 Internet access with clear digital phone service. Single-point service lowers costs at a fixed monthly fee and boosts your Internet speed by using idle phone capacity. You get high quality, greater efficiency and lower bills.

Flex T1 is available with an array of options including redundant circuits and at speeds of up to 6 Mbps.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation maximizes Internet performance by increasing bandwidth when phones are not in use.

Flex T1 service from I2B Networks combines your telephone service and Internet access all on the same line to increase efficiency and boost performance.