Internet Access

Dedicated Internet access for business

A dedicated connection and multi-homed Tier 1 bandwidth means your business runs faster, more reliably — from downloads to e-mails, you're more efficient and productive. T1, T3, Fixed Wireless and higher multi-megabit services including Fiber Optic Ethernet Delivery give you the speed you need, and we can support multiple users with just one dedicatedbandwidth connection. And it's all designed to grow as your business grows. So you can take care of business reliably right now — and expand as needed without expensive technology infrastructure changes.

Features that deliver performance

  • Guaranteed dedicated bandwidth to meet heavy demand
  • High-speed access to the Internet
  • Fully symmetric (both upload and download) bandwidth
  • Reliability backed by industry-leading service level guarantees (SLA)
  • Fully managed router
  • Available in speeds from 1.5 Mbps up to full gigabit
  • Always On
  • No distance limitations

Optional features to meet every need

  • Managed router
  • BGP routing
  • QoS for critical voice or conferencing applications
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • IP Addresses and subnet routing
  • Managed firewall