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Internet & VoIP

I2B Means Business

We hear you. You have to stay efficient to stay competitive. You have to stay productive around the clock. And you have to maximize your ROI on absolutely everything. Our full range of Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is designed to give you the performance you demand at a cost that you can afford.

Business Internet Access Plans

Delivering speed. Dedicated bandwidth for heavy loads. Industry-leading reliability. For the dedicated Internet access plan right for you, click here.

Integrated Access

Flex your muscles and your budgets with Flex T1 service for I2B. To learn more about combining Internet access and telephone service, click here.

Hosted PBX

Don't let your phone system manage you. Not when you can have affordable, scalable telecommunications solutions that lower your upfront costs as well as those monthly phone bill charges. To start saving now, click here.