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State-of-the-Art Colocation Facility
1.25 megawatt V-16 diesel generator
Fire Supression System
Environmental and HVAC
1.25 megawatt V-16 diesel generator
Mission Critical Monitoring

Our Data Center

We own it. We maintain it. We guarantee it.

We own and operate our own data centers in San Diego, California. No outsourcing. No colocation. No responsibility passed on. That means more control over quality. More accuracy. More speed. More of the service and support you need and expect in today's everymillisecond counts business environment.

I2B Networks would like to introduce our newest state-of-the-art colocation facility. With over 11,000 square feet of space, our new facility offers the latest in technology and security.

Redundant Power

Redundant power entrances. Redundant UPS systems. Diesel generator.
All housed in their own secure rooms with individual zones of FM-200 fire suppression.
  • 1.25 megawatt V-16 diesel generator
  • Over 100 hours of runtime with over 8000 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Dual 480V UPS systems in isolated rooms with isolated battery strings
  • UPS A and B 30Amp redundant power delivery to each cabinet - (2N)

Environmental and HVAC

I2B Networks data center facility offers both redundant fire detection and suppression technology as well as redundant humidity and temperature control systems.
  • Four 30-ton chilled water CRAC units and two 40-ton CRAC units
  • Under-floor cooling - Data Room 1; overhead cooling - Data Room 2
  • Facility and non-structural equipment exceed seismic requirements
  • 6-zone overhead and under-floor FM-200 fire suppression system

Monitoring and Security

Mission-critical applications require mission-critical monitoring and security. I2B Networks new facility employs the latest in technology to monitor and secure your hardware.
  • Honeywell environmental control systems; leak detection and drip pans
  • Temperature, humidity, mechanical yard monitoring and control
  • Automatic power transfer switch monitoring, backup generator power monitoring
  • Fire alarm system monitoring
  • Access control, 24/7 video surveillance

Network Connectivity

  • Carrier neutral
  • Multiple carriers, multiple fiber entrances, multiple MPOEs
  • Multiple multi-gigabit Tier 1 Internet connections

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You are invited to pay a personal visit to our offices and data center. To schedule an in-person tour, please call 1.866.915.8500 to speak to one of our Account Executives. We can typically accommodate tours of our data center Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific time.