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I2B Networks acquires a new 11,000 square feet state-of-the-art data center facility.

San Diego, CA: November 2, 2009: "Here we Grow Again" emphasized Jim Fitzgerald, President and CEO of I2B Networks, dedicated provider, explaining the recent acquisition of a new state-of-the-art data center within 200 yards of the existing parent company (i2B Networks) and original company data center. Fitzgerald would not speculate on all terms of the deal - however, he stated that I2B Networks acquired a new 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art data center facility on a multi-year agreement.

It is widely known in the San Diego data center industry that power and bandwidth usage are expanding at a tremendous rate due to several factors. Data centers are directly affected and must either expand or lose the business to new larger facilities. Those who have tried to absorb more customers by cramming and re-arranging, have run into power problems and square footage issues and ultimately lost business and could not absorb new customers. Just buying more space is not the answer, explained Fitzgerald; you have to find the right location for efficient connections to data/network carriers into your facility, as well as an area that has adequate power infrastructure and plenty of room for outside equipment and large generators and fuel tanks. Our data center philosophy is to design and develop highly efficient data centers with increased power densities and high reliability that provide an optimized solution for our tenants. Fitzgerald went on to explain that there are so many variables and components to create the ultimate data center that it seemed impossible to find one ready to go. However, someone's misfortune became our fortune, and we were able to capitalize on the perfect facility at a perfect time. "This takes us at least two years into the future with our power and data needs." A I2B Networks spokesman affirmed that the lease "will enable it to serve customer demand more quickly and cost-effectively than if I2B Networks built its own facility." With a 1.25 megawatt diesel generator backed by over 500 KVA of UPS conditioned power and six 30-ton water chilled CRAC units and FM200 fire suppression, we are more than ready to continue our fast-paced growth.

About I2B Networks:

I2B Networks is a full service Internet Solutions Provider founded in February of 2002 by Jim Fitzgerald and Tim Sears. Both founders have an abundance of experience in the industry, dating back to the early 1990's when they founded local San Diego ISPs CTSnet and CONNECTnet. Both brought an experienced team of system and network engineers with them to I2B Networks. I2B Networks provides a full array of dedicated and managed server solutions.

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