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I2B Networks completes the upgrade of our network with our new Cisco GSR 12000 series core routers.

San Diego, CA: July 4, 2008: Dedicated provider I2B Networks completes the upgrade of network, which will allow greater capacity and flexibility of bandwidth delivery.

Jim Fitzgerald, President & CEO of I2B Networks, commented that a driving force for data centers today is the ability to deliver large amounts of bandwidth using multiple carriers. To be able to manage this delivery, I2B Networks must bring multiple carriers into a single point and distribute them in the most cost-effective method. To achieve this, Fitzgerald selected the Cisco GSR 12000 series core router, which will provide capacity and flexibility needed to be ultra-competitive in today's marketplace. This router optimizes the transport of the IP traffic and provides network resiliency. Fitzgerald also noted that the growth is not about to stop here: "Our growth is being driven not only by a larger user base, but also by the emergence of new generation of complex, highly personalized, bandwidth-intensive media applications." Migrating I2B Networks to the new router will allow considerably more growth for future bandwidth needs and will provide the flexibility for our customers - minimizing the need for additional hardware, maximizing our profits, and satisfying our customer base.

About I2B Networks:

I2B Networks is a full service Internet Solutions Provider founded in February of 2002 by Jim Fitzgerald and Tim Sears. Both founders have an abundance of experience in the industry, dating back to the early 1990's when they founded local San Diego ISPs CTSnet and CONNECTnet. Both brought an experienced team of system and network engineers with them to I2B Networks. I2B Networks provides a full array of dedicated and managed server solutions.

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